[TR] Kiss of the Cuckoo

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Wed Apr 8 14:07:32 MDT 2015

Oh my yes. I had spent a year turning the rolling wreck that was Sarah, 
my first Triumph (a TR4A) into a reliable, if somewhat less than 
beautiful (to passersby, that is - she was lovely to me) sports car. She 
took my companion and me to the first North American Triumph Convention 
west of the Mississippi, to gather with Triumph lovers and the 
soon-to-be VTR Autocross Advisory Board, as well as various points 
around the western mountains.

Big trip, lots of adventures, a few mishaps, some roadside repairs. 
Pretty much as good as could possibly be expected.

And then ... a month or so after getting home, I was out enjoying a 
drive one evening and ... hit a deer.

That was really disappointing. And it took quite a long time to get 
through the insurance hurdles to get her repaired, and along the way I 
got involved in a repaint and a bad case of shipwright's disease, which 
didn't help at all.

Good luck.

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