[TR] What is a TR4A worth.

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Values vary from one part of the world to another.
The car may be described as top show room condition but what about 
I have seen top showroom quality cars built and finished by Stevie Wonder!

Some basics in my mind without photos are:
If the paint is original and good the value goes up.
A little realised fact is that a restored car can be worth less than an 
If the documentation is complete, (Heritage Cert, DMV info, bills) the price 
goes up.
A well liked colour and the price goes up.
Is the interior original?
The Surrey top, is it original fitment and an alloy lid or steel?.
LHD would command a better price in US and RHD in UK, Australia etc.
There may be dozens of other items that affect prices so I will not go on.

As a general view I would guess at up to 25K USD. but could be as little as 

My view is my own no flames please.

Adrian 1966 TR4A CT64306 O
Wales UK.

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> Hi! What would one have to pay to buy a 1966 TR4A,surrey top, IRS, wires,
> overdrive, oil cooler, leather, stainless exhaust, in top show room
> condition, travelled under 70000 miles, new tires, new battery, motor
> untouched- stock standard, excellent chrome on cooper. A very sweet 
> runner.
> Always garaged.
> Also this 4A is a one owner from new which would make this TR a very rear
> example. Always a RHD model which in their day would be only just over 
> 3000
> RHD  4A made ,not a LHD converted 4A.
> I call on the experts who could give a sound advice on what this 4A is
> worth.
> William
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