[TR] Kiss of the Cuckoo

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Tue Apr 7 18:05:26 MDT 2015

I have never hit a deer while driving, I was with my brother in his TR3A 
several years ago, going fairly slowly down a wooded rural road, and we 
spotted a dear popping out of the dense bushes and trees by the side of the 
road, the things really don't process moving vehicles very well if at all 
(however, you would think natural selection would improve this over time) it 
ran into the side of the car as we slowed to a stop.  Damage to deer and car 
were not to bad.  Last year my wife hit one going 80 in her Honda Fit, from 
what we can reconstruct it apparently hit the bumper, hood, straight on and 
pretty much bounced up and flew over car (hoof prints in the roof).  Had it 
bounced differently and gone through the windshield it could have been 
really bad, and after the fact people seemed to like telling us of such 

They are out there, more at dusk and dawn as I understand it.

Greg Lemon
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> Terry,
> Maybe it's good you hit the deer. My NW Ohio neighbor, driving a new Ford 
> Flex, 55 mph, ear;y evening but full darkness one mile from our home and 
> his, instinctively swerved to miss a full grown deer that, without 
> warning, suddenly leaped from some brush and a wooded area, right in front 
> of his car. He missed the deer, but lost control and went sideways into a 
> large Maple tree. That was six months ago. Totaled the Flex and he is 
> still in a wheel chair.
> I have heard that the small black deer whistles I see on a lot of cars are 
> supposed to scare the deer away. I don't know if they are effective or 
> not. My neighbor did not have any so we have no way to know. But there 
> must be something to discourage deer from doing that.
> RandallS
> 1960 TR3A
> NW Ohio
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> I believe in my last post I was mentioning how everything in my TR3 had 
> been sorted much to my satisfaction.  The car was registered.  Yesterday 
> it passed inspection easily.  I was positively happy and confident as a 
> puppy with an old stinky sneaker.  I believe I also mentioned having 
> driven my son from San Fransciso to New Hamsphire, a distance of over 
> 3,000 miles.
> The three thousand and tenth mile.  This morning I got ten miles from home 
> to work in the dark on the first drive in the LBC this season, when a deer 
> jumped in front of the car and I hit it at 60 MPH.  It was a big deer. 
> I'm thinking more proactively about Randall's LED headlight project....
> Driver fender and side of the apron very much crunched.
> It'll be in the body shop for a while.  That's what I get for baldly 
> stating how good things were.  Kiss of the cuckoo.
> I'm thinking to sue.  That deer must have been inebriated drinking acid 
> water from the coal fired power plants in the Mid-West.  Just, I doubt 
> that deer's family is going to step up.
> Anyone else have such bumps with drunk critters?
> Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
> New Hampshire
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