[TR] What's the general life expectancy for rubber bushes for LBCs?

Michael Porter mdporter at dfn.com
Tue Apr 7 15:40:28 MDT 2015

On 4/7/2015 4:19 AM, John Macartney wrote:
> One point Michael didn't cover (?) was true longevity of the rubber bush and
> I've noted some listers have said their bushes are factory originals. That
> may well be the case but it's by no means unusual to find the original
> factory bush has parted from the periphery of the central unit on the inside
> of the rubber unit. They may look fully bonded externally but it's a whole
> different kettle of fish when you start probing.

One other consideration that needs be mentioned in the context of 
factory-installed bushings lasting longer than replacements: 
installation.  Factory installations tend to be routinized around best 
practice, while hobbyist installation of aftermarket parts definitely is 
not (at least not uniformly).  In the case of bushings, even good ones 
will not last long if improperly installed.  In the case of rubber 
bushes bonded to inner and outer retainers, they can be pressed into the 
control arm likely in any orientation, but when the retaining bolts are 
cinched up, the control arms should be at ride height.  If the control 
arm is tightened down at full droop (usually the case with the wheel 
off), most of the useful deformation is taken up just to get to ride 
height, and on bump, the bushing is usually overstressed and begins to 
tear.  Have seen bushings (and most often, we were required by contract 
to supply premium grade) fail in three months straight from the factory 
because of improper installation that wasn't getting picked up by QC.  
Once we addressed that assembly problem on the line, the problem 
disappeared and the bushings began to have the sort of service life the 
customer expected.



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