[TR] Bonnet Squeak

terryrs at comcast.net terryrs at comcast.net
Fri Apr 3 14:57:08 MDT 2015

Snow still on the lawn, but 60 degrees today and took the first drive of the year today.  Felt like the thundering temperature spike of an Arizona silky heat wave.

OD wasn't working.  Sorted it by discovering I'd crossed the OD switch wires.  Now it clicks every time like it's supposed to, though haven't tested on the road yet for any intermittant short.

Bonnet squeaked at certain resonant frequencies of engine vibration.  Ground a gap in a large washer and placed under the bonnet latch spring to stiffen it.  We'll see.

After this particular New England winter, the relief wow factor is palpable.  Nothing even piddly left to fix.  Spring at the time when last year's corn stubble still spikes the fields, it's the time of ultimate hope.  But then my MBA wife hasn't done taxes yet....last year she mistakenly imbued me with a $5,000 tax bill that took 5 seconds to make and three months to correct.  

Car cost $41.20 to register.  What confuses me is why veteran plates and antique plates cost more than regular ones.  I eschew them.  If someone can't tell a '59 TR3A is an antique by looking, impressing them with an antique plate seems pointless.  And as far as veteran plates, I was Viet Nam era and still have a hard time believing all that "Thank you for your service" stuff.  

Best to all, and much obliged for all your help yet again.  Will probably lapse into silent lurking...at least until the unexpected glitch happens as expected.

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A  TS 58667
New Hampshire

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