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     I still have a TR3 instrument panel to install that was powder coated
by Fred Thomas.


     Bill Brewer

     1960 TR3A 

     1974 TR6

     1952 Triumph Renown



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When I joined this list 15 years ago everyone signed their name, type of car
and it's chassis number. I am sad to see this no longer happens. It was
helpful, say when I came across an unfamiliar item, that contacting a member
with a close chassis number could clarify.

Over the years my knowledge of my TR would not be where it is today without
this list and the members who have helped so much with their hands on
advice. I would like to thank you all past and present. 

I personally prefer a mailing list although Forums do have their place.

I remember well Fred,s powder coating in depth threads. I never pursued it
myself but it sure saved me a whole load of money negotiating the price with
commercial powder coaters when cutting through their "BS" of how difficult
it is too do. 


Signing in the old fashioned way.



1966 TR4A CT64306 O

North Wales,



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Hi Bill, 


It appears to be the trend over the last few years that the mailing lists
are on the decline, while the web-based forums (and now social media like
Facebook) are increasing.


I too have been around long enough to remember fluif, and
rec.autos/rec.autos.british, even.


I think if you join some of the forums you will see quite a few familiar
names.  I think my favorite is BCF:







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