[TR] TR4A window not going down all the way and wiper motor brushes

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Sat Mar 1 10:04:23 MST 2014

I updated my website with some pictures of my window winder issue and the
wiper motor brushes.
It turns out I had been trying to install the driver side winder in the
passenger side door.. I have to get after whoever marked that bag 13 years
ago.. wait it was me.
Also these new brushes have a set of grooves on one end which can either sit
in the bracket that holds the brush, or run against the armature commutator
but even then it can be oriented so the slots are either parallel or at right
angles to the rotation of the armature.. I am thinking I need to orient them
running on the armature, parallel with the rotation of the armature so they
seat quickly to the diameter of the commutator??

Anyway, if you want to see them;
Go to Check my progress and then select either one of the latest dates. The
brush pictures are at the end of the wiper motor rebuild page.

Let me know what you guys think?

By the way, I lost one of those little black plastic spring retainers from the
brush bracket! I made a new one from a piece of plastic but Randall suggested
printed circuit board material which I can get from work. We are smack in the
path of the latest white death coming our way so I may try and find something
today.. Hobby lobby???

Thanks and everybody be safe this weekend!
Dave Connitt

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