[TR] 4 Post Lift Advice Needed

WILLIAM SMITH smithw1 at optonline.net
Thu Jul 31 09:36:04 MDT 2014

Hi fellow listers,


I am in the market for a four post car lift that has a significant amount of
clearance between the posts to make it easy to pull a wide vehicle in and
out under it.  I had originally picked out a Bend-Pak HD-9XW because (1) it
had 120" width between the columns, (2) the distance between the runways
could be adjusted, and (3) an acquaintance has one, I saw it and he is very
happy with it.  Then, between the time I first researched it and when I was
ready for it, Bend-Pak changed the design and reduced the width between the
columns to 100-1/4".


I am now considering a lift from American Custom Lifts ("ACL") (a small
company out of California) - a "Voyager" model ACV9W.  It has 110" between
the columns.  I understand from ACL that it was designed, and is
built/assembled by Challenger lifts in Kentucky (Challenger, itself seems to
sell only heavier duty commercial lifts).


My problem is that I have never seen an ACL lift, don't know anyone who has
one, nor have I heard anything about it except from ACL itself.  Does anyone
on the list have any experience with, or knowledge of, ACL or its lifts?


Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.



Bill Smith (New Jersey)    


William L. Smith

E-mail: smithw1 at optonline.net


'72 TR6 (original owner)

'80 TR7 (second owner)

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