[TR] Triumphs Digest, Vol 7, Issue 198

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Jul 22 17:24:49 MDT 2014

> I grinned back, stuck in the key, and 
> punched the start button.  The little beast banged to life 
> and roared on the first cough.  The man above me in the SUV 
> stared and yelled, "Wow!"
> I didn't tell him that it was because I'd installed an 
> electric fuel pump and a Pertronix electronic ignition. 

Oddly enough, my 56 TR3 starts first turn every morning, with points and original fuel pump.  If it doesn't fire right off, I know
there is something wrong.

> But like all of us, I'm conflicted. 

Me too.  But the original question was about value.  For a "driver", the mods don't make all that much difference IMO.  But a car
that has been correctly restored to original is always going to be worth more than a mongrel, no matter how nice the mongrel is.
Geo posted a link the other day to Hagerty's valuation tool; and it showed roughly a 4:1 difference in value between a "driver",
which "may have some modifications", and a 98 point concours winner.


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