[TR] Somebody buy this (and stop me from thinking about it)

Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 14:08:01 MDT 2014

I'll offer some comments (if that is what you seek):

Seller says "*Since the entire car received a "complete" re-paint it does
not appear as if any partial painting has been done*" but the paint job is
not really complete, having omitted the engine bay and boot.  This begs the
question, What was the original color of the car?  At a minimum one would
want to see some photos of the car prior to the respray to assure oneself
that the car was as rust free as claimed.

Seller says "*Simply stated, the interior is in excellent original /
condition having received improvements and cosmetic attention as needed*"
but the interior is clearly not original nor as original.  Perhaps those
are Triumph seats, but not TR4 seats.  The original carpet would have been
grey.  The rear upholstery is a replacement, possibly not correctly
attached or possibly missing some parts.  I think these generally had white
piping on the black interior.

Statement that it is the "* - Original jack...   - Original jack handle*"
is incorrect, this car would have had a screw jack that fits through the
hole in the floorboard (similar to a TR3).  Also appears a plain sheet of
plywood has been substituted for the tire compartment lid.

Note that buyers outside of California get to pay a $195 processing fee.

None of this is to say this isn't a good car or worth something like the
asking price -- but one would want to look beyond the sellers claims and
judge the car for itself.  At a minimum, deviations from what is claimed
can be bargaining items should the sale come to that.

Best of luck,


On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 11:15 AM, Don Hiscock <don.hiscock at gmail.com> wrote:

> NFI.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-Other-Roadster-1962-TR4-ORIGINAL-CA-CAR-RUST-FREE-RESTORED-ORIGINAL-DETAILED-HISTORY-/321465220384?forcerrptr=true&hash=item4ad8d1fd20&item=321465220384&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
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