[TR] Tough Clutch - second attempt

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Thu Jul 17 06:54:04 MDT 2014

Lists:  attached is a question from a friend who owns a TR6 and is having
issues.  Since I am temporarily devoid of a 6-cylinder at present (J), I
couldn't go take a look. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


Andrew Uprichard



Hi Andrew,


Year before last we did a lot of work on the clutch to my TR-6.


New slave, new master, new fly wheel new clutch, just about everything.


The clutch still works hard. Works fine but a lot of pressure is required to
depress clutch pedal. Nothing near to what it was like before all my clutch


The pedal might move easier if I could get some grease in the bushing. Is
there an easy way to do that or does it have to be dismantled?


Any other thoughts? Will it possibly loosen up with use?


Thanks for any thoughts or help you or the group might have.



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