[TR] TR6 transmission parts needed

dave n dave at ranteer.com
Tue Jul 15 15:17:26 MDT 2014

"What's led this mechanic to believe these two hubs need to be replaced?"

he took the transmission apart and found that they were very worn.

a little history:

some years ago I purchased an od transmission.  it was in lousy shape -
grinding in multiple gears and popping out of 3rd.  I took it to a mechanic
that I had worked with for years, and trusted.  he took it apart and
supposedly fixed it.  it still ground occasionally when upshifting from 1st
to second and 2nd to 3rd.  It almost always ground when downshifting, and
always from 2nd to 1st.  I complained and he took it apart again, and
supposedly fixed it.  I don't know what he did, but it was no different.  I
complained, and he did it (or didn't do it) again.  at this point I wanted
my car back and just left it.  I am no longer working with said mechanic.

I figured there was something structurally wrong with that transmission, and
recently acquired another transmission (non od) for a very good price.  it
came out of a parts car, so condition etc were unknown.  as it turns out,
its in pretty good shape, but it, too has the same gear clusters worn.  my
goal was to take the od only out of the transmission I know was faulty, put
it in this one from the parts car, only taking the parts I absolutely
positively had to have, and nothing else, not wanting to taint this one.

I now think that its likely that problem may have been due to this worn
cluster gear which this mechanic should have replaced.  for whatever reason
he overlooked it.  multiple times.

this car is absolutely my favorite car, which I hope to keep forever.  and
my son is very interested in inheriting it.  so anything I do
with this car, I try to do for the long term.

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