[TR] TR-3 Trans cover

Tony Drews tony at tonydrews.com
Sun Jul 13 15:12:19 MDT 2014

I'm pretty sure that the TR-3 metal trans cover is taller than the 
TR-4 cardboard cover.  Jack used a TR-3 metal cover in his TR-4 race 
car and had to section it to get it to fit the firewall right.

Tony Drews

At 03:54 PM 7/13/2014, JOSEPH MATO wrote:
>My car came without the cover and while I have 3 rusted hulks with 
>no bottom to try to patch together I noticed BPNW has a TR4 poly 
>cover. I can't imagine they changed the starter location, so it should work.
>Anyone have any experience in this. Thanks, Joe Mato
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