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only if your old system had a 1.5 ohm coil.  this would only be the later 
cars, as in TR6 post 74? which used a ballast resistor.  trying to use a 1.5 
ohm coil with a pertronix is generally a $100 mistake.  but your car, 
assuming it is a TR3 as stated in the title, should not have any of this 
stuff, and you should be fine with any 3.0 ohm coil.  its generally a good 
idea to test your coil before using it with a pertronix for the above 

any 3.0 ohm coil will do, but you will get better performance with a higher 
voltage coil than with an less powerful one.   I should also add that you 
can gap your plugs wider with a pertronix and high performance coil than 
with a low voltage coil and points/condenser.  I run about .035 vs .025

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> So, am in the market for a new coil.  This one is an aftermarket 
> replacement coil.  Anybody heard anything about limited durability on 
> these?  If looking for dependability, are the Flame Throwers better?

>> The Bosh blue coil is always reliable.

Thank you, everone.  The original set up was a Pertronix.  I switched it 
with a points/condensor, but no improvement.

Question:  Do Pertronix take a special coil?  ISTR that they might.... 

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