[TR] Could it be rings-Update

terryrs at comcast.net terryrs at comcast.net
Sat Jul 12 06:54:14 MDT 2014

>so next test is to replace the bumble bee wires with new ignition wires.

Hi, Alex.  Yes, looks like your compression is good.  And you say when you first looked at the plugs and cleaned them, when you restarted the car it purred for a few minutes before going rough again.  Definitely sounds electrical.  

If your current spark plug wires are copper core, then the ends can get corroded, especially an issue if you have the screw-in terminals on your cap.  You could try snipping the wire off a bit, peel it back and reseat the wire.  If you're careful, you can reuse the connectors for the spark plugs.  

I would also check to ensure that your coil wire is solidly seated.  

More usually, ignition problems are with the points/condensor/rotor and cap.  Can't remember if you've done a full tune up in a while.

Have fun!

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
New Hampshire

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