[TR] TR3 seat tracks etc

Wbeech wbeech at flash.net
Fri Jul 11 09:06:03 MDT 2014

I used washers and lock washers for the seats, just lock washers for the
tracks on mine.  ISTR 1/4-28x3/4" did the job.

Doors take 3/4" #4 stainless slotted  sheet metal screw and cup washer.  Take
great care with your drill going though the panel, if you have a small punch
that would be good.

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On Jul 11, 2014, at 9:52 AM, dave at ranteer.com wrote:

Getting ready to install the full interior kit on a 57 smallmouth.  The
interior kit was ordered from TRF years ago.  There is no hardware (nuts,
bolts, and screws).

It looks to me, from the moss catalog, that I need 16  of 323-580 for the

Then I need 8 bolts for the seat tracks. Can anyone tell me the correct
size/length and if I should put in washers or lock washers?  These don't show
so I'm looking for best practice here.

I can easily measure the size but I'm particularly concerned about length and
if I should use washers.  The moss pages are not helpful.

Thank you!

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