[TR] So there I was..again

TeriAnn J. Wakeman tjwakeman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 14:29:54 MDT 2014

On 7/5/14, 1:10 PM, Dave Connitt wrote:
> I think the casual meeting of total strangers with a common interest are one
> of the great suprises and pleasures of owning and driving an old British car.

I enter my TR3 in the local Flagstaff annual downtown car show each 
year.  It is one of less than five British cars that tend to enter.

I've found that kids love the car.  It is more their size.  And unlike 
most of the exhibitors I spend most of my day by my car letting children 
site behind the wheel while their parents take photographs of their 
child usually with one hand on the wheel and an elbow draped over the 
door.  Those kids just might fondly remember my TR3 when it comes time 
to buy a car.  A lot of parents who have no idea of what a Triumph is 
get educated along the way and a lot of adults get their picture taken 
with the car as well.

Bringing a TR out to a classic car show is a way to introduce people to 
the old British classics.

Besides it gives me an excuse to clean and polish it at least once a year.


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