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Mon Aug 11 17:43:09 MDT 2014

---- dave n <dave at ranteer.com> wrote: 
> http://www.ranteer.com/davescars/storage/
> on how to revive a sleeping car

Doesn't go nearly far enough for a LBC stored 30 years, IMO.  For example, there is no point at all in trying to change brake fluid; you might as well start by tearing down every cylinder (including clutch slave & master) for inspection and possible rebuild.  Expect to replace several of them.  Likely the rear cylinders will have leaked fluid into the drum, which means new shoes.  Replace all the soft brake lines.  Change all the soft fuel lines (to ethanol resistant); rebuild the fuel pump (same reason), etc.  By 73 it probably has plastic floats in the carbs, which will need to be replaced (along with cleaning and a minor rebuild).  Have the radiator "rodded out".  Full chassis service; best practice is probably to disassemble, clean and relube anything with grease in it including wheel bearings, wiper motor and so on.

Plan on new tires _before_ attempting any speed over 30 mph.

Just for entertainment, this is what the clutch slave looked like on my "barn find" TR3 (stored just about 30 years).

-- Randall

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