[TR] Overheating TR3A

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Sat Apr 26 13:05:45 MDT 2014

Last time I talked about this, I mentioned that I pulled the head from my overheating TR3.  #2 cylinder had two gouges on either side right opposite where the ends of the gudgeon pins went.  I surmised I'd probably missed the notch on the circlip.

Just finished pulling the pistons and liners.  I am grateful to note that the circlips were in place.  But the holes outside the pistons where the pins go in were obliterated looking for all the world like a pinkie nail sized piece of the liner just lifted off the surface.  The liner was cracked lengthwise as well.  I can only assume that either something foreign was lurking inside the pin when I installed it and it shook out to FOD the piston/liner, or this:  I had the machine shop machine the liners and reused them during the last rebuild.  Probably not something they usually do, though they didn't bore it, just honed it.  

So, still a mystery.  But on the mend.  Tomorrow I'll finish cleaning everything up, install the new pistons/liners, and be on the road next week.

By the way, for those dying to know, when you have mouse seeds in your coolant, they settle at the bottom of number four liner.  Don't look much like seeds anymore, though. More like bear scat I sometimes stumble on in the woods out here.  

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
New Hampshire

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