[TR] Fast-road TR250

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Wed Apr 23 18:02:31 MDT 2014

Sorry to take up valuable list time, but I wanted to let  the community know
that I have decided to sell my fast-road TR250 and wondered if there was a
triumph friend out there who might be interested before I list it on eBay.


This is a fast-road (200bhp) car which was featured in the Winter 2012 /
2013 edition of 6-pack.  Restored under the guidance of Racetorations in the
UK, the car has triple Webers, overdrive, roll-bar, Surrey top, Silverstone
magnesium wheels, front and rear sway-bars, new bushed trailing arms, shock
tower rear suspension conversion and a frame strengthening kit.  Both spring
and differential bridges were replaced and the car was fitted with a
Racetorations finned rear differential, propshaft and modified drive shafts,
alloy radiator, oil cooler, crankcase breather system, finned rear brake
drums and racing front calipers.


The engine  was rebuilt with + 60 forge pistons and a modified, fast-road
cam. The cylinder head was replaced with a modified race TR6 head, prepared
in England.  Other upgrades included an alloy finned sump, alloy water pump
and housing, 6-bladed inflow impellor, chrome moly pushrods, uprated oil
pump, lightened flywheel and an electronic distributor. The gearbox was
rebuilt in England with an A-type overdrive activated by a button on the
gear knob.


The car was taken to a rolling dynomometer in September 2012 with a mechanic
from Racetorations, tuned with the appropriate jets and clocked at 160 bhp
at the rear wheels (approximately 200 bhp engine output).  Since then the
car has been driven less than 1000 miles and remains in excellent condition.


If anyone is interested, please contact me off-list.


Andrew Uprichard

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