[TR] Hood Latch TR3

terryrs at comcast.net terryrs at comcast.net
Sat Apr 5 14:11:25 MDT 2014

Sometimes you just have to think about it a minute.  

I've had a thundering squeal/squeak coming from the front of the car for years.  While driving, it drives me crazy.  

Heated the garage today, changed oil, coolant, and so on.  Car purrs like a kitten, except for that fingernail on the chalkboard irritating squeal only when the hood is down.

Examined the hood latch assembly for the first time.  Saw how it worked, and put a rubber vacuum cap over the rod sticking up from the hood latch assembly.

Now it's quiet as my wife when she's run out of things to say.

I'm guessing here.

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
New Hampshire

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