[TR] Confusion ...

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Fri Apr 4 14:05:15 MDT 2014

> 				Problem:  My schematic shows the coil white wire clearly on the - negative
> side.

Must be the wrong schematic.  All TR6 were originally negative ground, meaning the hot (white) wire would be positive.  It should only go to the negative terminal on a positive ground car (like TR2-4).

> 				So where do I connect the trigger wire, when the instruction state connect
> the the - negative side of the
> 				coil for a negative ground car b& which the TR6 is.

In this case, you want the side of the coil that is actually negative, regardless of what the markings are.  In other words, even if the coil were wired backwards (as your schematic seems to show), you would still want to connect the trigger wire to the side of the coil that gets grounded (since your car is negative ground).  Since you have a Pertronix installed, that would be the terminal with the black wire from the Pertronix module.  With points, it would be the terminal that is connected to the points.


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