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William Pugh anabil007 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 4 12:55:03 MDT 2014

I am doing some electrical work on the 1970 TR6, adding an electronic
tachometer.  First go around blew the bsacrifice resistorsb, I seemed to
have mis-wired the thing, as there are only three wires I am most ashamed.

			Red  power wire: to 12v, fused and switched by the ignition switch.
			I found a good place on the lights relay box.   No Problem

			Black wire: to ground, No Problem

			Yellow Trigger wire: to negative terminal on distributor side.

				Problem:  My schematic shows the coil white wire clearly on the - negative

				BUT  on my coil the white wire is connected to the + plus side of the
coil. I have the Pertronix Ignitor system
				(the one that just replaces the points).  The car runs great, never any
start or run problems.

				So where do I connect the trigger wire, when the instruction state connect
the the - negative side of the
				coil for a negative ground car b& which the TR6 is.

I really donbt want to blow up the tach again, that is getting to be

Ideas greatly appreciated.

"Life is too short to drive boring cars"

Bill Pugh
1957 TR3 "Casper"p;
Wallace, CA
anabil007 at comcast.netp

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