[TR] Aluminum Head Plug

Bud R levilevi at comcast.net
Thu Apr 3 09:36:05 MDT 2014

Try the "Right Stuff". I've used it to seal timing covers from the  
outside when I didn't have time to pull everything and the infamous  
leak at the bottom was too much.

It will seal just about anything but is a bear to get off of parts or  
pull parts back apart.

Bud Rolofson

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On Mar 30, 2014, at 2:22 PM, terryrs at comcast.net wrote:

> Hello everyone.  It took some doing, but I managed to tap, drill and  
> pry out the leaking aluminum plug on top of the TR3A head.
> Thought the worst was over.
> I used a copper brush in my drill to clean the threads, put the new  
> plug in the freezer and applied some gentle propane heat around the  
> hole.
> I tried gasket seal on the threads but I think it made a tight  
> situation worse, creating too much drag.  Got it maybe a quarter of  
> the way down before the soft aluminum started tearing.  , tested it,  
> and it leaked.  Now have removed it again.
> So, sensing I would bugger one up, I had ordered two of these little  
> plugs.
> Somebody on the List mentioned using Lock-Tite on the threads.  That  
> would make sense, it's a liquid lubricant for the threads until it  
> sets.  But would it seal well enough to keep water leaking out?  Am  
> wincing rather severely at the thought of a leaking plug installed  
> with Lock Tite!  Is there a better alternative?
> Has anybody replaced it with a hex bolt, or are the threads too weird?
> Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
> New Hampshire
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