[TR] head gasket

Tony Drews tony at tonydrews.com
Mon Sep 2 10:05:57 MDT 2013

I specifically install the gasket with the seams down.  If you've had 
your head milled it open up the combustion chamber and you'll have 
less of the seam compressed by the head.

So, another confirmation that you're good to go and don't need to 
worry about it.

Cheers, Tony Drews

At 02:18 AM 9/2/2013, Jim Vassiliadis wrote:
>I just finished torquing down my TR4 head and think I've put the head gasket
>upside down.
>Its a composite copper asbestos looking one with no top marking.
>So after googling I thought that the smooth side should go againt the head
>and the side with the copper folded over around the chambers against the
>then it occurred to me that I vaguely remember one of Randals photos with
>them the other way around.
>Does anyone know?
>If I have I understand that those type of head gaskets are oncers?
>Jim and the the TR4 thats being slowly reassembled
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