[TR] Looking for TR4A parts

Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 08:29:52 MDT 2013

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 10:26 PM, Creig Houghtaling <creig555 at live.com>wrote:

> The car I have has TR6 seats. I'd like to have 4A seats... I would trade
> the TR6 seats or sell them if I find
> TR4 seats.

You may know this but just in case (since you mention both) TR4A seats are
different from TR4 seats.  I think the frames are the same so it is of no
matter if you get a set that will need to be recovered, but upholstery
itself changed with the 4A (good illustration of this in the Moss catalog).

Good call by Bill on the wire hub splines.  If your budget can stand it I
think you'd be doing yourself a big favor to get 4 new hubs and wheels --
then you're set for decades of trouble-free driving (where those parts are
concerned anyway).


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