[TR] TR3 Clutch not releasing

thenicholls at verizon.net thenicholls at verizon.net
Wed Oct 30 15:32:31 MDT 2013

Same thing happened on my TR6, and indeed, the fork was broken.

New clutch, rebuild gearbox, $4000 later, the car is happy and I am sad.

72 Tr6
On 10/30/13, Allen Hess<allenhess at mgcarclub.com> wrote:
Try pumping the clutch two or three times in quick succession. If it 
then works or almost does, I'd suspect a broken fork pin. I stuck disc 
would not change the pedal feel. (I drove home once with that 

On Oct 30, 2013, at 2:00 PM, triumphs-request at autox.team.net wrote:

> Drove and parked the TR3A two weeks ago, fun drive, no problems or 
> unusual
> sounds. Got in yesterday and the clutch will not release.
> Pedal feels about 10% softer than usual, slave cylinder is operating 
> the
> release arm but no disengagement. New Disk/PPplate/TO bearing just 
> 6 months
> ago, all have performed as expected until today.

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