[TR] TR3 Clutch not releasing

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I agree, I have had the car sit for 2-3 weeks at a time on several
occasions(don't hate me).  

Fluid tank if full and there is no evidence of leaking under the slave.  I
took a video of the action as I pumped, the arm appears to be travelling the
full distance, I could send it to you off-line.

IF the pin is sheared, would I still be feeling almost normal resistance at
the pedal?



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Any chance that there was fluid loss in the hydraulic system which would
prevent the slave cylinder from travelling its full stroke? I can't believe
that the clutch disk would rust/set against the flywheel so quickly.

Alex Thomson

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Dear Valued List,
Drove and parked the TR3A two weeks ago, fun drive, no problems or unusual
sounds.  Got in yesterday and the clutch will not release.  
Pedal feels about 10% softer than usual, slave cylinder is operating the
release arm but no disengagement.  New Disk/PPplate/TO bearing just 6 months
ago, all have performed as expected until today.
Any suggestions are always appreciated.
Bill Beecher
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