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I have a good set of steel wheels that I took off my 72 when I got the
aluminum wheels that I would be willing to sell but not sure how much of a
problem it would be to get them to Canada.  I am in north Carolina.

Ronald Olds
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Years ago, I had all four of my TR6's original steel wheels blasted, trued and
then powder-coated. Now our lousy roads in Quebec have bent a couple a bit out
of true and yet again my poor car has the dreaded Triumph Shakes. Sadly, the
Boston shop that did the original truing seems to have vanished other than
some youtube videos.

I really like the look of the originals and do not want to switch to alloy.
For some reason, the TR6 wheel is almost the only component not being produced
aftermarket. NOS wheels appear to be made from the purest form of
Is there any steel wheel out there that looks similar to the TR6 original and
can accept the trim rings?

Mark Hooper
1972 TR6

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