[TR] TR6 head removal

Pete Arakelian arakelianp at mossmotors.com
Mon Oct 21 13:49:29 MDT 2013

Just thought I'd give everyone an update.
As you may recall, I had to pull the head for a bad head gasket and had 9
stuck studs.  After a week of soaking I managed to get the two under the valve
cover loose by double nutting with grade 8 jam nuts.  The seven on the right
stripped the nuts.  I used a stud removal tool to get three of them out, but
the other four are still there even after a 24-inch pipe wrench.
I have contacted XK's Unlimited in San Luis Obispo, about 60 miles from me.
They are going to come down with a trailer and pick up my car.  After some
discussions with friends I have decided to rebuild the entire engine.  Even
though it was running great, it does have about 190, 000 miles on it and
figured as long as we are a third of the way in, might as well freshen the
whole engine before something breaks. Cheaper to refresh than fix a bad
cylinder or crank or whatever.
So next time you see my car it might actually be clean under the hood instead
of being rust proofed by the leak in the timing cover seal or sealing block.
Will give you more of an update on the other side of the work.
Thanks for all the advice...
Peter - 1971 TR6

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