[TR] Car trouble in Hannibal, Mo

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Check the little wire that connects the breaker plate to the distributer body.  The rivet can loosen and give intermittent results.  I had this happen to my TR4, and moved the wire to the stud that mounts the Pertronix.  No problem ever again.

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> Hi,
> We have been driving my wife's TR 250 through Ohio for the last week.
> It has been running great until we stopped for gas.
> It started out fine, but as we were pulling on the highway, it didn't
> have any power and then died.
> I found a vacuum hose that had come out I put it back in and it ran
> fine while we drove a short distance to a restaraunt. But then, we we
> got onto the highway, we drove about 3 miles and it ran out of power
> and dies again.
> Hoses were still in place. I replaced the fuel filter, checked 1
> diaphragm. It was okay. I thought if only 1 was bad, it probably would
> not die. The fuel filter was full of gas and seemed to let the gas
> through.
> Oil pressure was good. doesnt'seem to be electrical.
> So, I have 2 questions. 1) Any suggestions on what it might be?
> 2) Any suggestions for a shop in Hannibel, MO?
> Roger Elliott
> 68 TR 250

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