[TR] Car trouble in Hannibal, Mo

Bud R levilevi at comcast.net
Sun Oct 20 11:00:58 MDT 2013

Compression, spark, fuel. Assuming you didn't blown all the rings out  
at once you need to know if you have spark at the end of a spark plug  
wire and gas from the fuel pump to the carbs. Testing for spark should  
be easy, testing for fuel flow means pulling a fuel line and turning  
the engine over for a few spins.

That will get you on the right track. Basically go back from there in  
that system to see what the problem is and what part isn't doing it's  
job.  E.g. if there's no gas then check the fuel pump, if no spark  
check the cap/rotor and so on.

Bud Rolofson

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On Oct 20, 2013, at 6:38 AM, Roger Elliott wrote:

> Hi,
> We have been driving my wife's TR 250 through Ohio for the last  
> week.  It has been running great until we stopped for gas.
> It started out fine, but as we were pulling on the highway, it  
> didn't have any power and then died.
> I found a vacuum hose that had come out I put it back in and it ran  
> fine while we drove a short distance to a restaraunt.  But then, we  
> we got onto the highway, we drove about 3 miles and it ran out of  
> power and dies again.
> Hoses were still in place.  I replaced the fuel filter, checked 1  
> diaphragm.  It was okay. I thought if only 1 was bad, it probably  
> would not die. The fuel filter was full of gas and seemed to let the  
> gas through.
> Oil pressure was good. doesnt'seem to be electrical.
> So, I have 2 questions.  1) Any suggestions on what it might be?
> 2) Any suggestions for a shop in Hannibel, MO?
> Roger Elliott
> 68 TR 250
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