[TR] Tr4 door seals

Carl Sereda carlsereda at aol.com
Wed Oct 16 12:58:14 MDT 2013

FYI: I have a 1/4" snippit from a 'new old stock' TR4/4A door seal (which was
on eBay, and winner sent me a snippit).. and shown alongside TRF's 'made in
England' version from a couple years ago (I can send you photo) -  they are
not greatly matched. TRF's foot piece is smaller than original, and the folded
over foam portion, which is supposed to be all foam, is partially solid
rubber. And the profile is slightly different - this combination makes it;
loose in the channel, overly wide, and difficult to squish.
Good luck!

'63 TR4 since '74

Thanks to all that replied. I suspect my problem is the Moss sourced door
seals may be a bit larger than the originals.
And thanks for the tip on the 3M adhesive Dave..
Dave Connitt

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