[TR] Roll bar and tonneau.

tom white tswhitez123 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 15 21:32:51 MDT 2013

At this point I have the rear section of the new tonneau properly fitted to my
TR3A.  I have constructed a template for the roll bar relief holes for both
sides of the car.  And I have fitted the forward lift the dot fasteners on the
driver's side.

It seems to me that I cannot just lay the new tonneau on the floor and then
trace the templates onto it.  If I did that there would be no allowance for
the stretch of the tonneau when fully fastened.

So I plan to get as many lift the dot fasteners in place and fastened as
possible without distorting the tonneau against the roll bar.  Then I can
index the tonneau to the center lines of the roll bar tubes and then index the
templates to the tonneau,  At that point I think I can trace the template
pattern onto the tonneau and cut my relief holes.

Any comments are welcome before I do something stupid.

Best regards,

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