[TR] TR6 head

Q hdrider570 at att.net
Tue Oct 15 08:59:07 MDT 2013

I had similar problems with a GT6 head.  The motor had been sitting out of the
car for at least a decade and it looked like someone had tried to remove the
head unsuccessfully in the past.  I soaked the studs for several days with P B
Blaster and placed the motor on an engine stand and removed as many of the
studs as I could.  I used two new grade 8 nuts of standard thickness to remove
as many of the studs as I could.
I was left with five studs still in place
on the pushrod side.  I placed a heavy piece of angle iron over the tops of
the studs and clamped it down with several large C clamps to create pressure
on the head against the studs.  Turned the motor upside down and used two
sledge hammers at low velocity to strike the C clamps.  The head moved enough
that I was able to drive a thin wedge between the motor and the head.  I
worked both ends till the head came off.
As in the case of others who
responded the studs came out of the block easily once the head was off.  The
wedge only effected about 1/8" of the edge of the block so no gasket issues
later.  The motor is rebuilt now and running nicely.
Edward Hamer

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