[TR] TR6 head removal

Peter Arakelian peterara at msn.com
Sun Oct 13 19:34:30 MDT 2013

I would like to thank all who have so far tried to help me with my problem.
I have tried almost all that was suggested:  I have double checked and nothing
remains attached, I have cranked the motor over with plugs in, I have tried
the rope trick by both hand pushing the car and bumping the starter, I have
tried the various suggestions of prying at various points and ways, I have
applied heat, I have pulled the manifold studs, I have been soaking for a day
and a half with various penetrants as well as one that freezes as it applies
its penetrant.  I have not tried a couple of methods:  Jonmac's factory method
of clamping head and block with wood and striking, paraffin, or engine hoist.
Still stuck.  I have tried double nutting the studs, but cannot get the nuts
tight enough together to turn the stud before turning each other.  I have been
using two head nuts and cannot torque to full spec, 80 ft lbs, before feeling
the give of the top nut and the beginnings of buggering the threads of the
studs.  I will be getting some grade 8 jam nuts in the hopes that getting a
bigger bite of the stud on the nut will enable me to get them tighter
together.  All seven studs on the right side and one on the left are still
My friends here are going to call their friends in shops for more help and
advice, before I end up having it towed to a shop.
Any and all additional suggestions or comments would be appreciated.  Direct
please, I am on digest version.
Thanks, Peter

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