[TR] pdwa

Skip Gurnee skip47 at gbis.com
Fri Oct 11 17:55:04 MDT 2013

Ibve got this here TVR b stay with me now, itbs got TR6 brakes.  Being a
TVR, its system isnbt like whatbs shown in the catalogues, so Ibm
looking for someone who has or knows of a TR6 thatbs available for parts,
specifically the PDWA switch and valve assembly.  Any kind soul who can help,
please contact me direct at skip47 at gbis.com or 775-575-6996 (NV east of Reno).
Many thanks.

Skip Gurnee
64 TR4 b my first car bought in 1963
66 TR4A
67 Lotus Cortina
90 Jeep Cherokee b tow car for the TVR
99 Mercury Tracer b 30+ mpg

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