[TR] Looking for late GT6/Spitfire Axle Assembly

Martin Secrest moira.secrest at verizon.net
Fri Oct 4 10:05:49 MDT 2013

Hey folks, if anyone has a good condition GT6-3 or late ('73-'80) Spitfire 
rear axle assembly, I'm in the market for one.  It's a long story but the 
left half-shaft assembly in my '73 GT6 is toast.  I need the LEFT axle, with 
flanges and the hub, basically everything except the brake parts.  Just PM 
me at moira.secrest at verizon.net.  I'm hoping for an axle with good bearings 
(no roughness or play) that I can squeeze another 20 or 30k miles out of. 

Martin Secrest
Arlington, VA 

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