[TR] Carelli carpet sets on Ebay and other interior pieces for Triumphs

Bob 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org
Sat Mar 30 12:23:54 MDT 2013

I know a guy :-) who does custom interiors for TR6....... they also happen 
to fit the TR4........ you can see his work and prices here


The downside is there's very few stock colors of vinyl by the yard available 
to purchase.......... well TRF and VB do sell it at $70/yd which is 
outrageous when you consider that most vinyl falls in to the $20-$35/yd 


Bob Danielson

1975 TR6 modified with:
-Throttle Body Injection
-Toyota 5 Speed
-Nissan Differential
-AAW Wire Harness
-CVJs... and more

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One more thing..
Has anyone on the list purchased a carpet set from Cover-zone/Carelli? They
look decent and are around $165.00. But, it's just a picture. They claim to 
a UK company, not that that is anything special but just a interesting note.
Also, does anyone have any suggestions on door panels and other upholstery
items such as the wheel covers and the piece that runs around the back of 
interior? Moss sells a kit but they want $700.00, ouch..
Just wanted to see what else, if anything is out there.
Thanks again,
Dave Connitt

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