[TR] Carelli carpet sets on Ebay and other interior pieces for Triumphs

alan salvatore alansalvy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 19:52:01 MDT 2013

Its an OK carpet for the money.

Depends on your budget.

I put one in a car.  Its a very stiff carpet because of the jute backing.
I used a rubber hammer to massage it into shape.
The emergency brake cover is flimsy.
I didn't care for the rubber mat being place on the passenger side.

TRF carpet is more but its better quality.and like the factory carpet.
TRF carpet has a rubber backing and lays over the rockers and tranny cover
for a better fit.



On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:50 PM, Dave Connitt <dconnitt at fuse.net> wrote:

> List,
> One more thing..
> Has anyone on the list purchased a carpet set from Cover-zone/Carelli? They
> look decent and are around $165.00. But, it's just a picture. They claim
> to be
> a UK company, not that that is anything special but just a interesting
> note.
> Also, does anyone have any suggestions on door panels and other upholstery
> items such as the wheel covers and the piece that runs around the back of
> the
> interior? Moss sells a kit but they want $700.00, ouch..
> Just wanted to see what else, if anything is out there.
> Thanks again,
> Dave Connitt
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