[TR] Transmission Woes (Dave)

Dave dave at ranteer.com
Wed Mar 20 14:16:01 MDT 2013

with all due respect, the tranny that came in the car behaved just fine.

the problem is in this replacement od tranny.  and it has nothing to do with 
the od.  oil is redline.

I have driven and owned numerous british cars.  so, no, its not that my 
expectations are wrong.  I am not abusing the thing,
just expecting to act like a normal british transmission.  mine does not.

there is a problem.

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The problem is that you are expecting your transmission to act like a
M22 "Rock-crusher" transmission.  It is not that nor was it ever
designed to be.  It's a 40's design with added first gear syncro's.

The best thing to do is use modern synthetic oil like Redline MTL and
treat it with a bit of respect.  Learn to double declutch and remember
that everyone that you are competing against is using the same
technology so it is an even playing field.

If that does not suit your fancy then get a Tr7/8 with a 5 speed or
modify your car with Herman's conversion set up.

Edward Hamer
Petaluma CA

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