[TR] '72 TR6 Clutch, Flywheel

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Wed Jan 30 18:58:38 MST 2013

I have to relate a story about the TRF clutch kit.   Actually this may 
be in the archives,
I wrote about it at the time it happened, as I recall.

So I'm working at Bailey's and this one particular TR6 needed some 
clutch work.
I convinced the owner that the TRF Magic Kit was the way to go, he 
agreed, we
got the parts.  I installed them, buttoned everything up and started the 

The shop was filled with this hideous screeching.  Shut it off, back on 
the lift,
checking the hydraulics, pushrods and such.  Nothing obvious, fire it 
up, again
the screeching.  We did what we could from outside the bellhousing, nothing
made a difference.  Bit the bullet and pulled out the gearbox once again.

Close inspection showed the pressure plate fingers were NOT running against
the face of the throwout bearing, but the edge of the bearing carrier.  
On the
phone with TRF straight away, and probably a message or two to this list.

Turns out that the pressure plate they sent us was not the correct one.  
But they
had no idea, because it had been boxed wrong wherever it had been made.  
was not to blame, but they took the responsibility.  Sent us the proper 
part overnight
at their expense.  I checked, double checked and checked again that it 
was the proper
part.  Installed it, got it all back together, worked great.

Now the folks at TRF, being the car people they are, know what it takes 
to install a
new clutch.  They weren't willing to just cover all the extra labor 
costs involved in
installing the wrong part.  What they did do was give the owner of the 
car a nice
credit towards parts.  I convinced him that he should spend it on the 
bits to get
the gearbox rebuilt, as there were some issues with it I noticed before.

Anyway, the clutch and tranny are still going strong.  TRF showed great 
character in
handling the situation.  Yes, the owner did end up paying us a bit more 
than he should
have, I worked a modest number of hours without charge, Bailey's lost a 
bit in labor
charges, but it seemed like a very reasonable end to the entire affair.

Way to go TRF!


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