[TR] '72 TR6 Clutch, Flywheel

thenicholls at verizon.net thenicholls at verizon.net
Wed Jan 30 16:46:00 MST 2013

Really curious on this myself, I have a 72 TR6 and have been looking at the Magic Clutch with the uprated Koyo bearing.
We shall see the wisdom of the list.

On 01/30/13, M. Secrest<moira.secrest at verizon.net> wrote:

Winter project underway. New clutch, for one thing. Is the TRF Magic Clutch
the only best possibility still? Not interested in doing the clutch twice,
but it is a pricey kit.

Also, are there supposed to be locking tabs on the flywheel bolt heads? There
were none on disassembly.

Martin Secrest

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