[TR] Battery trickle charge

old dirtbeard dirtbeard at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 29 10:06:47 MST 2013

I now have two single units and a double unit Pulse Tech chargers.  After using 
these for a year, I gave away my other chargers.  

These aren't the cheapest, but they replace trickle chargers, regular chargers, 
they de-sulfate, can restore dead/weak batteries, won't over-charge, blah, blah, 


I use them on my motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc.  As we speak, I have four 
vehicles "trickle charging/de-sulfating.  The original factory Delco "green eye" 
battery in my '03 GMC lasted 9.5 years with occasional "trickle charging" from 
one of these units.

The claim is that most batteries die an early death from the plates being 
covered with sulfate crystals.  These charger "pulse" the batteries while they 
charge and even when they are not charging to reduce the size of the crystals. 

I believe in the technology here and in the chargers, and endorse them 100%.

'72 BSA B50SS
'74 Triumph TR6
'01 HD XHL 883
'03 GMC Cargo Van
'07 Aprilia SXV 550

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