[TR] Battery trickle charger

Bud R levilevi at comcast.net
Tue Jan 29 01:14:23 MST 2013

I replaced a 12 volt battery in my RV (for towing the Spitfire race  
car) with two six volt batteries (to get more amp hours/storage) wired  
in series to get 12 volts. Question is do I charge it with a 6 volt  
or  12 volt charger? Maybe 12 if I hook the charger to where the pos  
and neg cables attach.

Bud Rolofson

71TR6 CC57365 (Good 6)
71 Spitfire MK IV Race Car #3
66TR4A CTC57529 (The Project)
71F-250 Camper Special (Triumph Support Vehicle)
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On Jan 28, 2013, at 10:58 PM, Randall wrote:

>> I have one from Harbor Freight, about 7 years old now, never
>> a problem.
>> Probably paid $10 for it.
> And they're frequently on sale for even less.  But don't hook them  
> up to a
> battery that is deeply discharged or has a shorted cell.  I burned  
> up 3 of
> them that way.  The only current limit seems to be the winding  
> resistance in
> the transformer.  When I tried replacing it with a stouter  
> transformer, the
> plastic box with the regulator melted before the regulator burned up.
> This one is more money, but should be more rugged and probably even  
> better
> for your battery:
> http://goo.gl/hNXpI
> -- Randall 
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