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I have several chargers, including a fairly new Sears 10 amp automatic and a
NAPA 3 amp unit that is at least twenty five years old (It still has the
Balkamp name). I try to do a charger rotation, placing the charger on a
vehicle for about a day or so. With 2 Triumphs and about 8 farm tractors
that don't get any use during the winter, this method seems to work for me.
I think I would be a little leery of keeping a maintenance charger hooked up
continuously to a battery plus I don't plan on buying 10 small chargers.
Now, I do know that upper end stand-by generators are usually equipped with
a float charger that stays connected all of the time. Of course, those are
not 29.99 units, either. Rotating the charger(s) around a bunch of vehicles
also provides an opportunity for a once per month check of everything, as
well.  "Battery Tender" is one big name in maintenance chargers and MacNeil
Automotive Products has one as well. 


Alex Thomson

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Hello List:
My "el cheapo" 750 mA battery charger just bit the dust. Second one in a few
years to fail. Purchased them from our local/national auto supply store
(Canadian Tire).
Just wondering if there is a more reliable alternative available in the
750 mA range to keep the battery alive through the winter storage period.
This winter I have left the battery in the car with the trickle charger
connected. Maybe I should remove it and take it inside?
Thanks for any leads or brand names.
Angelo Graham

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