[TR] British Car Suspenders

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That would be bracers. Women wear suspenders.


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If they have British cars on them, you have to call them "braces".

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> I've reached that point in life where I need suspenders to keep my
> pants from sagging. I wear flannel lined pants in the winters and it
> is too much for a belt to handle. I've been wearing some extra-corny
> red suspenders with farm animals on them (from Germany), but wanted
> something less dorky, if there is such a thing as less dorky than
> suspenders. I found some with fish on them and others that looked like
> big tape measures with tools. Even skull & crossbones.
> I finally bought a set of suspenders with British cars on them and
> everyone seems to like them and think that they fit me. If you search
> for "car suspenders" on Ebay they should come up. Only $9.95 and made
> in USA.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Men-s-Womans-Antique-Car-Suspenders-Made-in-
> USA-/23 0868600316?pt=US_Men_s_Accessories&hash=item35c0d745fc
> Bill in Tehachapi

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