[TR] Fwd: Winter Driving

Joe DeMuth jdemuth at ties2.net
Mon Jan 21 09:59:59 MST 2013

> I bought my first TR3 the year I graduated from college. I drove it all
winter long, commuting to my job but also driving home for the holidays from
Minneapolis to southwestern Minnesota.

> While at home, the temp nose-dived to twenty below. There was a New Year's
Eve party that I was committed to attending and of course, the TR was frozen
solid. A charcoal fire in a garbage

> can lid for four hours thawed it out enough to turn over, and I made the
party on time. Even had time to stop in New Ulm and pick up a college buddy
and several bottles of wine for the party.

> But that was the last winter I had the car. In the spring the choice was
keep the car or marry the gal that hosted the party, I couldn't afford both,
so I went with, and still have the party host.

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