[TR] Surrey top help needed

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Not an expert, but see below for what I know.  
Andrew Uprichard

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Hello List-

I purchased a surrey top for my TR250 this weekend, after a long search for
one. It came with the back section and a steel mid section.

My questions are-

1. What is the best way to store them when not in use?
The back section isn't really designed for on and off, since it requires
removing the interior panels to access the securing bolts and the door gap
trim is continuous across the top itself.  Can't speak for the mid-section
since mine is soft.  

2. Do you have to take the convertible top and frame off to install the
surrey top?
Yes - and you will have much more shoulder room.

3. Does anyone have a set of surrey top installation instructions?
Not that complicated. I have pics is you want to contact me off-line

4. Does anyone know of a source for the soft top midsection and the frame
that goes with it?
I got mine from Racetorations (disclaimer - my cousin is the owner)

Many thanks in advance.

Steven O. Thornton
Attorney at Law
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