[TR] side curtain build

George Richardson gpr at key-men.com
Sat Jan 19 04:33:31 MST 2013

I used a big old Singer industrial sewing machine on the plastic and it 
just punched through. However, I did do some touchup on the ends by 
using a sewing awl and heating the needle so that it melted through the 

George Richardson
Key Men - Keys for Classics

On 1/18/2013 10:12 PM, Gary Nafziger wrote:
> I'm rebuilding my tr-3 side curtains and things are going well.  However I'm
> having a problem fitting the forward solid window.  It's very thin plexiglass
> and the only information I've been able to find simply says the front plexi
> window is sewn in with the vinyl trim.
> Does a person drill small holes through
> the plexiglass to pull the thread through?  Is the thread then looped around
> the forward vertical frame to pull it tight?  The forward vertical frame piece
> is also very thin and I'm wondering how to glue vinyl to that as well as
> attach the plexiglass.
> Just wondering is anyone has re-built they're side
> screens themselves and how they handled this.
> thanks
> gary n.
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